We, FlycoDesk, assure you that your data is hundred percent secure. However, this should be noted that we may have to share your personal information with third-party partners, service and product suppliers (who provide rental cars. Accommodations, and airline tickets), as they will require your data to proceed further in making the flight, hotel, and rental car reservations.

When you scroll through our website, we may collect the following information for your better internet usage and surfing:

  • Identifiers
  • OS (Operating System)
  • URL and Browser
  • IP Address
  • Search History

1. What Data do we collect and why?

We gather, utilize, and disclose personal data to carry out our travel agency responsibilities. For the benefit of the customers, we arrange and manage travel arrangements. In the course of our interaction, we also gather the following information:

  1. Personal contact information, including full name, address, phone number, and residential address.
  2. The airline may require you to provide your passport number, birth date, and nationality.
  3. Payment details, including the primary cardholder's name, card number, expiration date, and security code
  4. Health concerns and dietary restrictions: They pertain to the trip plans or are necessary according to the applicable travel service provider, such as an accommodation or a tour operator.
  5. Information is given by completing forms: such as your email address, how you learned about us, and your preferred modes of transportation. With this knowledge, we will keep you informed about all the newest product offers and discounts.
  6. Calls are recorded so that quality control can be monitored.
  7. social media - When using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you will be subject to privacy restrictions as required by those sites' respective privacy policies.
  8. IP Address and Cookies - As you use our website, our server will record information about the computer and the network you are using to connect to us, which is contained in your IP address.

2. What laws govern the use of Personal Data and how do we use it?

2.1 Business

  1. To carry out the responsibilities of a travel agent. the repercussions of failing to provide the information necessary to complete the booking.
  2. The completion of the travel booking typically requires the inclusion of personal and contact information. such as credit card numbers, frequent flyer numbers, date of birth, dietary restrictions, and payment information.

2.2 Reasonable interests

The information is used for broader purposes, such as: to give you details of the travel confirmation and updates on your journey, to manage the flight booking, and to enable contact with customer service. Direct marketing communications and the associated profile help us to offer the relevant products and services, including deciding whether to offer you certain products and services or not.

We use your personal information to send you marketing materials, such as competitions, new products, and special offers. Emails, text messages, and data transmissions are all a part of it. You can let us know if you do not want to receive such information.

2.3 With your Permission

In specific circumstances, we commence the data collection with your consent. For instance, if you check a box to receive email newsletters, your personal information may be used to provide you with the necessary information on discounted fares.

3.Who do we share your Personal Information with?

We divulge the following individuals' personal information:

Travel bookings are fulfilled by primary suppliers, including car rental companies, airlines, transfer companies, hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, and activity providers.

4. How long do we keep your personal information on file?

  1. Personal information is retained for as long as necessary or required.
  2. To shield us from any contractual claims, essentially for a period of six years.
  3. Records are maintained under supervision and in accordance with all legal and regulatory obligations.

Your rights

The rights you have to the personal information we process are listed below. You have the right to:

  1. Contact us to confirm so that data can be started
  2. Request to use the personal data we now have
  3. Request information if the personal data is inaccurate or incomplete
  4. Request to have the personal data deleted if there is no good reason for keeping it.
  5. We will delete your data upon request.

This should be noted that we can change the Privacy Policy any day we want. You must be updated with the changes to the Privacy Policy. If you wish to use any of the above rights or have any other issues regarding our Privacy Policy then please contact us any time you wish as we are available for your assistance 24*7.

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